GGPoker qualifiers and buy-ins reach over 1,100 secure spots in WSOP 2024 Main Event

In a significant development for the world of online poker, GGPoker has revealed that a record-breaking 1,124 players have qualified for the prestigious $10,000 (approximately £7,900) World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2024 Main Event in Las Vegas.

The distribution of qualifiers is as follows: winners from Road to Vegas promotions: 732 players, winners from Road to Vegas promotions: 59 players, direct buy-ins: 233 players, and ClubGG seat winners: 100 players.

GGPoker’s commitment to inclusivity and affordability is demonstrated by the fact that these opportunities began with buy-ins as low as £0.79.

By offering such accessibility, even players with smaller bankrolls have a chance at competing in this prestigious event.

GGPoker’s contribution

Paul Burke, Head of Public Relations at GGPoker, said that he expects some of their players to reach the final table.

As an added incentive, GGPoker has pledged to award an additional £820,000 bonus to any qualifier who emerges as the Main Event champion.

We are proud to be sending over 1,100 players to this year’s WSOP Main Event, highlighting the strong partnership between GGPoker and WSOP

Paul Burke

This partnership between WSOP and GGPoker has proven to be fruitful in recent years, with GGPoker responsible for sending a substantial number of players to the annual event.

In 2023, the WSOP Main Event drew a record turnout of 10,043 participants, meaning that GGPoker qualifiers will represent approximately 11% of the total field.

The upcoming tournament promises to be an exciting showcase of poker skills and strategy in one of the most prestigious live events in the industry.

For those harbouring dreams of competing in the prestigious WSOP Main Event, they are warmly welcomed to join the GGPoker community.

GGPoker qualifiers as well as direct buy-in players enjoy exclusive promotions – access to the GGPoker Platinum Lounge, discounts at Caesars properties, and the added incentive if one becomes the Main Event champion. This year’s event will run from July 3 to July 17.

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